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This is what will happen to the money in your Ejiji Pay wallet from Monday

If you still have unused money in your Ejiji Pay wallet even with a Sunday shutdown in the offing, do not panic.

JamboPay has confirmed that your money is safe and will not be affected should the company stop collecting revenue on behalf of Nairobi County.

Wetribe Company Limited whose five year contract with the county government expires on Sunday had expressed disinterest in renewing it until a last minute extension request came in on Saturday.

According to the company’s chief executive Danson Muchemi, should the company not consider the extension request, the shutdown will proceed on Sunday mid-night but the money in the customers’ e-wallet will remain and will still be available for use or transfer.


“The money in the wallet is still the client’s money, it’s safe and secure so they can use it to pay other bills through the platform or request to withdraw through the same method they used to top up,” he said.

Muchemi explained that the relationship Jambo Pay has with the county government is different from the one they have with the Ejiji Pay users.

“Our over 2 million subscribers are our clients and they are under a different contract. The county government is one of our 3,500 merchants whom we have a different contract with and so whether we renew that contract or not, the subscribers remain to be our obligation,” he said.

The Jambo Pay platform can be used to pay Zuku, Startimes and Nairobi Water bills as well as make National Hospital Insurance Fund contributions among many other services.

Political interference, mistrust and negative publicity are the major factors that pushed JamboPay not to renew its contract with City Hall.