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Seven Cameroonians remanded in Nairobi over Sh4.1m donkey hides deal

Seven Cameroonian nationals who allegedly defrauded an American national over $40,000 (Sh4.1million) have been remanded at the Central Police Station in Nairobi for further interrogation.

The seven claimed they would be exporting dry donkey hides to the American’s overseas company.

Resident magistrate Christine Njagi ordered Amber Michael , Tako Derrick Akebe, Erick Wankwe Fokola, Dominifu Duruma,Epiezitume Metuge, Ayafor Aiden Ayafur and Etchi Franky Enongene be detained until January 13 to assist police complete investigations.

The magistrate heard that the suspects are being investigated for allegedly defrauding Mr Tuyen Huy Nguyen of $40,000 claiming they will export to his company dry donkey skins.


The seven are being investigated for making fake exports documents.

They are said to have exchanged email addreses with Mr Nguyen online and invited him to visit Vickle Trading Limited which allegedly deals in donkey hides.

Police want to investigate the source of the donkey hides and also find out whether the foreigners operate a secret abattoir.

The magistrate heard that on October 5, 2016 Mr Nguyen flew to Kenya on invitation of the supects’ company.

“Mr Nguyen arrived in Kenya and was received by the company driver who took him to the company where he saw “ 10 pieces of 100 per cent of dry hides,” the investigating officer Pascolyne Kilua says in a sworn affidavit.

Corporal Kilua says on November 22, 2016 the suspects emailed Mr Nguyen the bill of landing, indincating they had loaded the dry cargo and demanded $26,500.


Mr Nguyen says in the preliminary investigations that he wired the money from his company Sunway Holdings Corp to Magestic Import and Export through an at Spire Bank.

The complainant says he was informed the cargo had left for Vietnam on October 28 last year.

He says he discovered later that he was conned as the alleged bill of landing emailed to him was for another company.

The prosecution had sought to have the suspects remanded for 14 days but defence lawyer Evans Ondiek opposed saidg the suspects have been in custody for a long time and that their rights should not be violated.

The suspects will be produced in court on January 13 for further directions.