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Seven tricks on how to conceive a baby boy

All parents pray for a healthy baby. For some parents though, the gender of the baby is important. The good news is that you can influence the gender of the baby before conception.

Here are tricks that can tip the scales to your favor if you are looking for a boy:

1. Eat a man’s diet – A woman’s body PH levels influences the sex of the child she gets. Acidic conditions kill the boy sperm. If a woman is trying to have a boy, she should opt for an alkaline diet.

Interestingly, highly alkaline foods are what the regular man diet entails. They include red meat, salty snacks, unripe bananas, avocados, soya beans, cabbage and ginger. A diet high in kales and broccoli will also be a boost for a couple looking for a baby boy. Also, add onto your sodium and potassium diet.

2. Caffeine – Caffeine is known to give the boy sperm a jolt. The man should try drinking something with caffeine before the deed. If there is no caffeine, any energy drink will suffice to give the boy sperm a jolt.

3. The right positions – The opening of the vagina is the most acidic part of a woman’s body. These acidic conditions kill the make sperms. A couple that is looking for a baby boy should thus aim at having the sperms as high up the vagina as possible.

Have deeper penetration so that the sperm is deposited closer to the egg. This way, it has a lesser distance to travel through the acid. With the acid obstacle out of the way, the male sperm will reach the egg faster.

4. The right timing – While the girl sperm lives longer in a woman’s body, the boy sperm swims faster. To increase your chances of having a boy, you will need to understand your cycle. Once you have, avoid having intercourse for several days before your ovulation period.

When you do have sex, make sure that it is as close to the ovulation as possible. This will give the boy sperm a chance to beat the girl sperm and reach the eggs while you are still ovulating.

5. Get an orgasm – When a woman has an orgasm, the cervix releases fluid which makes the environment less acidic and more ideal for the conception of a baby boy.

The couple that is planning to have a boy should thus strive for that orgasm. She will need to have this orgasm before a man does for this to work. This theory has been supported by the Shettles Method of Conception.

6. A little cough syrup – When you are having a runny nose, a cough syrup works by thinning your mucous. The component responsible for this reaction is guaifenesin. What you do not know is that it thins all the mucous in your body, including the mucous in your cervix. By easing up the mucous in your cervix, the cough syrup will be aiding the male sperm which swims faster.

7. Wear boxers, not briefs – The scrotum is positioned outside the body because the cooler temperatures are more ideal for sperm regeneration. The male sperm is even less tolerant of heat than the female one.

If you are trying for a boy, you will need to keep your nether regions as cool as possible making boxers a more ideal choice of underwear in the weeks leading up to the time you hope to conceive.