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Here is Kenya’s terror couple wanted by police dead or alive

Security agencies have released photographs of five Kenyans, among them a suspected female suicide bomber and her husband, who are wanted for links with Al-Shabaab.

The five are in Al-Shabaab camps in Somalia but intelligence reports have revealed they are planning to sneak into Kenya to carry out attacks.

The report says of Ms Shamim Wanjiru Hussein: “It is believed she was recruited for a possible suicide bombing mission. While the target and timing is unknown, it is likely that Shamim will reach out to her friends and family, some of whom live in Nairobi. Kenyan Police request the public to provide any information regarding Shamim to avert Al-Shabaab attack plans.”

Her husband Omar Patroba Juma, whose photograph was also circulated, was among terrorists who attacked Baure military camp in Lamu County in June.

The report also identified a former football player with Mathare United, Anwar Yogan Mwok, who in 2013 joined Jaysh Ayman, a group of largely Kenyan Al-Shabaab fighters.

Then there is Omar Owiti and Ramadhan Kioko.

The former joined Jaysh Ayman in 2013 and has been identified as one the survivors of the attack at Baure while the latter joined the terrorist group in 2008 and also took part in the June raid, in which 18 terrorists and three soldiers died.