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Sex ‘crisis’ rocks AFC Leopards as three players are treated for STDs

AFC Leopards club officials have begged female fans to stop bombarding players with free sex after it emerged that three first-team players underwent treatment last week for a sexually transmitted infection.

The officials are concerned that the sex orgies after matches are affecting team discipline, which has made some players unavailable for the crucial match against Western Stima, as they are currently undergoing treatment for an STI.

The Nairobi News has confirmed from a number of sources within the club’s hierarchy that the trio, a goalkeeper, defender and midfielder, were all diagnosed with the ailment last week and consequently went for treatment with the club footing the bill.


Further reports suggest that the players are almost certainly believed to have been infected after sleeping with one female fan during an orgy.

“The players have confessed to ‘roasting’ one woman who is an ardent fan of the club affiliated to the branches, an Ingwelett,” a top club official who spoke to Nairobi News on a condition of anonymity said.

“Thus, we have talked to the players about self discipline, and even asked the branch officials to try and control the fans from intimately interacting with the players,” the official added.

The decision by the club’s management to engage its branch officials over the matter was arrived at following a national executive committee meeting held in Nairobi on Tuesday evening.

“They (NEC members) also asked branches to talk to their notorious known members who are confusing players, especially females, as very many cases of STIs have been reported in playing units,” reads the minutes of the NEC meeting.

This “roasting” development comes barely a month after an alleged discussion among a group of players on social media leaked to the public.


The communique displayed a select number of players discussing their sex escapades with a number of female fans, some of whom are married and or are girlfriends to their teammates.

Coincidentally, Leopards have struggled to impress on the pitch all through this season.

Not even changes in management or technical bench seem to have stabilised the club which is hovering just above the relegation zone on the league standings with barely six matches left to the end of the season.