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Shakib: Me? Cheating on Zari with Bebe Cool’s wife? Never!

Shakib Lutaaya, the husband of renowned socialite Zari Hassan, has addressed rumours of his alleged romantic involvement with Zuena Kirema, the wife of Ugandan artiste Bebe Cool.

The speculation arose following the leakage of a throwback photo featuring Shakib and Zuena.

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However, Shakib has set the records straight by explaining that the photo in question was taken way back in 2015 during the MTV Awards in South Africa.

“My friend and one of my favorite artists Bebe Cool Ssali touched down with his wife. He is actually the one who took this picture; we were just at the mall for a casual shopping spree. Unfortunately, the innocent photo is being used by gossip mills to further their own agendas. I wish you peace,” Shakib said.

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Zuena has also expressed frustration at the misconstrued narrative surrounding the photo.

“I guess you’re just jobless and lack what to do, so someone can’t take a photo with her husband’s friend?” she posed.

This isn’t the first time Shakib has been the subject of such rumours.

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In February, he sparked speculations by sharing a cozy video capturing him in the company of Ugandan DJ Alisha.

But Zari would explain that Shakib had dated Alisha in 2019 and that he may have leaked the video by a desire for revenge.

On her part, DJ Alisha said the leaked video was old, dating back to “many years ago.”