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Shame of MPs who were invited to talk peace, but instead fought in a boardroom

By STELLA CHERONO November 21st, 2016 1 min read

Laikipia North MP Mathew Lempurkel on Monday recorded a statement at Parliament Police Station after he allegedly assaulted nominated MP, Sarah Korere.

The two legislators had a physical fight after an altercation ensued between them at the office of Interior Cabinet Secretary, Joseph Nkaissery.

Sources close to the two said that they had been summoned to the office of the CS to discuss security matters and solve a long-term feud between them.

While at the Interior CS’ boardroom, the two started exchanging bitter words, which escalated into a physical fight.

Mr Lempurkel said he had gone to see Mr Nkaissery, but when he arrived, the CS was in another meeting and so he was directed to wait for him at the VIP lounge.


“At around 12:30pm when Mr Nkaissery finished the meeting, he sent a message to me telling me to come later and when I was almost leaving, I met Laikipia West MP Wachira Karani who asked me to go meet some people he had come with at the boardroom,” Mr Lempurkel said.

He said that while at the boardroom when he was greeting the delegates that Ms Korere, who was seated at one corner, started hurling insults at him.

“Ms Korere started insulting me and attempted to slap me and when I tried to hit her, everyone who was in the room turned against me and beat me up,” he said.

He said the group who beat him was made of Members of County Assembly and some other leaders.

Efforts to reach Ms Korere were futile as her phone went unanswered after the incident. It was not immediately established which hospital the Nominated MP, who previously dominated headlines for breastfeeding in parliament, was taken to.