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Shock as Prezzo strips his pants on live TV – VIDEO

Flamboyant rapper Prezzo is infamous for endless controversy, but his latest public stunt has to be the most shocking thing he has ever done.

This after the rapper attempted to strip naked on live TV during the season finale of a popular TV reality show.

It all happened during the final episode of Nairobi Diaries, which aired on Saturday, while Prezzo was trying to reconcile with his ex, Michelle Yola.

The clip from the show which airs on K24 has since gone viral. In the clip Prezzo is seen trying to make up with Yola but his overtures are turned down.

And as Yola moves away to take a different seat, Prezzo gets on his feet and unzips his trousers before stunned fellow guests and TV audience.

Even as Prezzo goes about his stunt, show moderator, Dr Ofweneke, is seen trying to cover the comedian with  a stool.

Prezzo and Yola have been on the news recently for their troubled relationship with the latter claiming that the rapper cheated on her. Yola even provided screenshots of conversations she had with the lady in question.

She later also claimed that Prezzo hacked her social media accounts and took full control of what was posted.