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Shornarwa critiques women who tattoo celebrities on their bodies

By Mercy Simiyu January 28th, 2024 2 min read

Social media influencer Shornarwa criticised a growing trend in Kenya of women tattooing men’s names on their bodies.

The influencer did not mince words, expressing her disbelief and concern about the choices some women are making when it comes to permanent body art.

“How do you wake up and tattoo a man’s name on your body, not your child, not a Bible verse, but a man’s name…you need help,” Shornarwa boldly stated, sparking a heated debate on the appropriateness and motivations behind such decisions.

Shornarwa’s commentary on TikTok gained momentum in the aftermath of a specific incident where a woman prominently displayed the name “MC Gogo” through a tattoo on her body.

This served as a catalyst for a broader discussion on a rising trend in Kenya, where women opt to immortalise the names of their significant others, particularly those who hold influential roles such as musicians or social media personalities.

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The practice has become increasingly prevalent, with women choosing to express their devotion through permanent ink, showcasing the names of their partners’ favourite influencers or musicians.

Shornarwa’s remarks bring attention to the potential psychological implications of such actions, urging individuals to reconsider the motivations behind these decisions.

“It’s love,” stated Kalinah on the TikTok video.

“It can never be me,”Antoinette Skylar added.

However, there’s a trend that has emerged – fans imprinting their favourite celebrities’ faces and names onto their own skin.

Here are some Kenyan celebrities who left a mark on their fans’ skin

Abel Mutua

A fan marked their arm with the name Mkurugenzi’ for Abel Mutua in March 2022. Abel, the screenwriter and storyteller, acknowledged the gesture, appreciating the genuine affection from his supporters.

Otile Brown

Singer Otile Brown encountered a unique twist when a fan named Kach Girl tattooed his name across her chest in May 2023. Touched by her dedication, Otile promised her a coffee date as a token of gratitude, garnering attention amidst initial backlash.

Mike Sonko

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has been a recurrent figure in this trend. On August 17, Maryanne Njoki expressed her love by tattooing Sonko’s face on her thighs, showcasing her dedication to his philanthropic work.

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Beauty guru Phoina was surprised and appreciative when an admirer boldly tattooed her name on their back. Sharing the intricate tattoo on social media, Phoina questioned the depths of affection her fans are willing to go.

Steve Kay

Luhya musician Steve Kay Wambumuli experienced a similar show of affection in June 2023, with three female fans tattooing his name on their bodies. While flattered, Steve cautioned against such bold demonstrations, emphasizing potential strains on relationships.


YouTuber Keranta encountered a fan’s devotion through a well-designed tattoo of her face on the fan’s chest. Positioned near the heart, the tattoo was a deliberate choice to keep Keranta close.

MC Gogo

MC Gogo joined the trend of fan dedication when a supporter recently tattooed their arm with the entertainer’s name.