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Sinach to gospel artistes: Don’t play in clubs

By BONIFACE NYAGA November 26th, 2016 2 min read

Visiting Nigerian gospel artiste Sinach has castigated Kenyan gospel musicians for drinking wine and preaching water.

While speaking at a special session with local gospel artistes on Friday the Nigerian songstress called on her peers to stay in the straight and narrow.

Her visit comes at a time when the gospel fraternity has been under attack for performing in night clubs and living a life that doesn’t represent what they claim to stand for in their music.

Many local stars have past justified their nocturnal activities citing Jesus’ example of eating with sinners.

In their defense they have cited club performance as a critical part of their ministry because it gives them a chance to reach out to the unsaved crowd.


Although the jury is out on who is reaching who, many analysts feel that gospel music is bending to the clubs and not the reverse.

“Some artistes want the best of both worlds and you can’t have it all. You don’t put a toilet brush in the sitting room it just doesn’t fit. I don’t work with artiste who play in clubs,  you have to stay in your place. Make your choice and stay where you belong,” Sinach said.

Sinach also challenged the artistes to invest in their music, stating that they can’t expect other people to invest money in their music if they won’t do it themselves.

“You need to style up,” she said. “There is no pastor who wants to work with someone who is smelly and badly groomed. Get decent clothes and learn how to speak properly, good etiquette is important. Don’t let anyone lie to you that money isn’t important, do good music and charge a fair price for it. Also have a home church where you serve, without expecting to be paid.”


Most of the gospel artistes who play in clubs cite their need for a paycheck as the reason they seek these opportunities. To this Sinach replied:

“If you music isn’t paying yet, get a day job until it does. I am still employed at my home church, even though I make money out here and that enables me to bless others financially.”

Sinach is in the country for the inaugural Praise Fest concert on Saturday November 26 at CITAM Karen. The concert will bring Christians of all ages and walks of life to an evening of praise & worship.

Other performers lined up for the night are Nigeria-based Kenyan celebrated artiste Emmy Kosgei, Pitson, Guardian Angel and Evelyn Wanjiru.

Also lined for the concert is another talented Nigerian musician Freke Umoh, Voices of Purpose from the Purpose Centre Church and the Groove Band. For tickets and more details check press and posters.