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Singer Bahati gushes over adopted son Morgan Bahati

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 27th, 2023 2 min read

Popular singer Bahati has shared heartfelt sentiments about his deep affection for his adopted son, Morgan Bahati.

In a candid interview on The Chipukeezy Show, the artist opened up about the unique bond he shares with the 13-year-old boy.

During the interview, Bahati spoke passionately about Morgan, describing him as a “special child” who holds a special place in his heart.

He revealed that his fondness for Morgan is so significant that he prioritizes the young boy’s education by paying his school fees before attending to the educational needs of his other children.

“Before I pay my other children’s tuition, I always pay Morgan,” Bahati expressed.

Bahati also shed light on the fact that he has raised Morgan since before he entered into marriage, acknowledging that this unique situation has been a subject of discussion and even rejection from some women who were hesitant to embrace a child that was not biologically related to him.

“I live with him. You know many people on the internet have started following us after Diana.

This is a child I have had even before I got married. In fact, many women rejected me because of this child because no one was staying with a child that was not theirs,” Bahati shared.

Bahati also pleaded with netizens and bloggers to exercise empathy when writing about his son.

He emphasized that Morgan’s life has been marked by adversity and difficult circumstances, and he implored Kenyans to refrain from attacking the young boy when discussing his family.

“I have no problem with anyone attacking my family, my children. But don’t attack my first child, Morgan. I took this boy during a very difficult season of my life. This is a child I got from a children’s home,” Bahati explained. “He has a very difficult story that I don’t like to repeat. I took him from the children’s home I was in Mathare. Before he was even brought to the Children’s Home, he had a very sad story. Therefore, even if you guys are writing to get likes and views, let’s have a heart. These are special children,” he added.

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