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Singer opens up on struggle to find the right woman

TikToker Alvan Gatitu popularly known as Alvan love has shared his tragic love story on his social media platforms.

In a recent post on his socials, Alvan love, who shot to fame during his appearance on the reality series Tusker Project Fame, opened up on how his efforts to find love have so far proven unsuccessful.

“Can I be honest? I don’t know what women want because I keep falling for hurricanes, and even the one who said she is not a hurricane ended up being a Tsunami. I can’t find mine,” read his post.

The content creator further stated that despite what people may assume, he is just unlucky when it comes to love. “Maybe even Alvan has trouble finding real love. Kila mtu aombe Mungu wake (Let everyone worship their own God)”

In 2021, the TikTok star disclosed how he fell into depression after his first heartbreak and leaving TPF.

The singer said his first rejection by a woman, who happened to be Tusker Project Fame Season 1 winner Valerie Kimani, made him turn to alcohol and drugs.

“It was in TPF season finale that I got proper rejection from a woman. She told me to my face that we were not going anywhere. We parted ways and I took to drinking. I was depressed. I got rejected, I didn’t win TPF, there’s stigma from the church, there’s backlash from friends,” said Alvan.

He added: “I used to wake up drunk, go to bed drunk, I even started using hard drugs, I even did cocaine.”

He also disclosed how he had to flee to another country to start afresh having not had any solid plans in regard to his career.

“I decided to run to South Africa. There was no counseling, no one trying to help you. Unfortunately for TPF they never followed up on how we were doing psychologically. So I took a road trip from Kenya to Cape Town,”

“I didn’t have a plan. I decided to go start my life from wherever. I stayed in South Africa for two years, then came back to Kenya.”