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Single man in Nairobi? Here are the places to meet quality women

December 19th, 2015 2 min read

One thing I can tell you for sure is that you are unlikely to meet a quality woman in a noisy bar in Nairobi. And these chances keep declining. While even the quality women let down their hair every so often, they do not frequent the bars. Here’s a look into some of the places in Nairobi you are likely to meet such a woman.

1. Class – Owing to the highly competitive job market, many women in Nairobi are going back to school to add onto their skill set. The best thing about meeting a woman in class is that it is really easy to strike a conversation seeing as you already have some common ground.

2. The Gym – Squats are the newest fitness obsession with Nairobi women. Yes, the average Nairobi woman is fitness conscious. For a big number of them though, the regular gym work outs are boring. Try a salsa, Yoga or Zumba class.

3. Coffee shops – Nairobi women love their coffee. That classy woman you are dying to meet probably frequents one. Her choice of coffee shop or who she comes to the coffee shop with will also tell you a bit about her personality.

4. Spas – The Nairobi woman takes good care of herself. If you are that guy that doesn’t care much about what others think, then head to a spa and you are sure to meet a quality woman there. Be careful though, about spending more time there than she does, this is a huge turn off.

5. Charity events – A woman who attends a charity event is usually here to make a difference in another person’s life. This means that she has done quite a bit in her own life. This is also a woman who is kind and passionate. A quality woman. Volunteer activities are also other places to meet kind, intelligent women.

6. Singles events – Nairobi hosts at least half a dozen of such events every year. The great news is that you will find more women than men here meaning you will have more than one option to choose from. No, a woman who attends a singles event isn’t desperate. She is decisive and open minded.

7. Church – You might find that Mrs Right you are looking for in a church in Nairobi. You however need to take your time before making any serious moves or commitments to a woman you meet in a church. She might be here because she is healing from something.

8. Right under your nose – You might meet the most amazing woman on the street or on the numerous queues that you have to stand in to get services in Nairobi. The trick with this one is to keep your eyes open. You will see her. She walks confidently, smiles, isn’t afraid to look you straight in the eye.