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Skeleton of a Kenyan who went missing in Germany found

The skeleton of a Kenyan lady who was reported missing in April has been found in Brandenburg, Germany.

Ms Rita Awuor Ojunge, 32, was reported missing on April 7, 2019 after she failed to return to the asylum shelter in Höhenleipisch where she lived with her husband and two children.

Her disappearance was shared to various media houses including Nairobi News, with the description that she was last seen dropping her two children at a neighbour’s house.

“We are yet to find my sister who has now been missing for over a month now,” Ms Caroline Atieno,a  sister, told Nairobi News on phone on May 23.

In her latest Facebook post, Ms Atieno wrote that her sister’s remains had been found.

“Police in South Brandenburg released a press statement to confirm that, remains found in a forest after a DNA match those of Rita Awuor Ojunge who has been missing,” she posted.

The skeleton was found in mid-June but police did not immediately ascertain whom they belonged to.

The remains were handed over to the legal medicine for review and DNA analysis.

The cause of her death remains unclear with police officers attached to the South Brandenburg Police Department saying investigations had started.

On the day she disappeared, the family told the police that she was wearing a black and white striped outfit with leggings and a skirt.