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Slay queens’ guide to slaughtering a chicken this Christmas

By NAIRA HABIB December 25th, 2017 1 min read

1. Ensure you have all the tools for the job
Make sure you have the following ready.  A sharp knife. Hot water. Two cut banana leaves. A small basin.  And of course make sure you also have the chicken that is to be slaughtered.

2. Place the banana leaves on the ground
This helps prevent the chicken from coming into contact with the soil. A green patch of grass can act as a substitute.

3. Pin the chicken on the ground
This is the moment you will need all your courage, the birds tend to cause drama at this point. Pin the chicken’s wing using your left leg and its limps using the right leg.  A chicken is never slaughtered while standings.

4. Pluck feathers from the chicken’s neck 
This is meant to give you a comfortable view and unfettered access as you prepare to slit the chicken’s neck. But if the chicken does not have feathers on the neck then you are good to go.

5. You are almost their
Now this is the highlight of everything. Hold the chickens head facing away from you (to make sure its blood does not sprinkle on your face and clothes). Slit the throat with quick movements.

6. Do not leave the chicken until it is completely dead
Ever heard the saying ‘running around like a headless chicken’? Well it’s not a myth. This happens when you immediately release the chicken before it’s death. Hold it down until the wiggling ceases.

7. Congratulations. You are now a qualified chicken slaughter!