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Socialite Amber Ray’s co-wife cries out

May 25th, 2021 2 min read

Socialite Amber Ray (real name Faith Makau)’s recent marriage to Nairobi businessman Jamal ‘RohoSafi’ Marlow has resulted in some commotion in his backyard.

Nairobi News now understands one Amira, who’s been married to the businessman for almost two decades, is mad at her husband for bringing in another wife without consulting her.

Marlow is said to have recently proposed to Amber and the duo has since tied the knot even as Amira maintains she only learnt she now has a co-wife through social media.

The Muslim religion which Marlow professes to allows a man to marry up to four women but she should be able to provide for all of them and love them equally.

Amira though maintains her husband disrespected her.

In an interview with famed radio presenter Massawe Japanni, Amira says even though she wasn’t against her husband marrying another woman as per the teaching of their religion, she is angry because Roho Safi did not inform her of his intentions in the first place, as it should have been.

“Ukiwa unaoa mke wa pili unafaa umjulishe mke wako wa kwanza, so kama kitu haujaambiwa ati anaenda kuoa ama nini, kwangu mimi siwezi nikaichukulia sawa. Sio sawa kwangu na haitawahi kuwa sawa. Dini inaruhusu lakini mimi sikujulishwa (Our religion dictates a man should inform his wife when he wishes to marry another woman. I was not informed and I am not happy about it),” she explained.

Amira also sought to clarify her relationship with her new co-wife.

“Siwezi kusema tulikuwa marafiki (I will not say we were friends) I will say, acquaintance. I’m good with people, I’m good with my neighbors so I was doing the same thing with her as a neighbor. So I will not say she was my friend, she was just an acquaintance.”

Amira further claims she found out the socialite was her co-wife via social media when her husband and the two publicly confirmed their union.

“Mimi mwenyewe nilikuja kujua kwa social media (I only knew about this from social media),” She added. Amira and Roho Safi have been married for 17 years and together, they are blessed with two sons