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‘Son of a rich man’ type of tweet lands Raila Junior in big trouble

The next time you think about getting your car cleaned at a car wash by the roadside, don’t!

This is Raila Junior’s plea to motorist in Nairobi, a request that has earned him condemnation, rather than praise.

Junior posted on Twitter a picture of a man busy cleaning a car which was packed close to the road at a street in Lavington.

His concerns were on the rise of car wash everywhere, mostly at undesignated areas.

In his reckoning, the county government needs to create law and order including proper zoning to create safe car wash bays.

“At the risk of sounding unpopular I wish there was a bylaw that made it illegal to wash your car at the roadside in #Lavington. People need to understand that adherence of laws and policies apply to everyone, it’s not about being privileged, this city needs law and order proper zoning and safety standards. These are the difficult conversations we need to have,” Raila Junior tweeted.

“Nairobi County is mandated to create safe car washing bays, this idea of someone popping up a carwash where ever they feel like is ludicrous @SimbaArati@MikeSonko Where is the law and order and zoning?” he went on.

His views were however not well received by the online community, with some terming it as selfish.

“Says a son of a rich man. How will the poor survive in the hard economic times? Capitalism at its best,” said @h_kipronoh.

“Akifukuzwa hapo utamlisha?…wachanga kujipiga own goals,” wrote @mwasgenios.

“Rich people problems,” commented @kamdooh.

“Wewe uko sawa babako alikulimia kazi yako kubwa ni kukula tu so off this guy’s got families na hiyo ndio source of income ungekuwa na Bruwein ungejiuliza vile unaeza msaidia si kutaka familia yake ilale njaa,” said @bennytothedj.

“That’s why rich people getting to heaven will be the next thing to impossible,” tweeted @254_curtis.

“Let the poor do what they have to do anyhow. That guy will make his clean Sh100 without letting anyone die for their own benefit. That is how he will take care of his family. You are a big boy now. Start discussing serious issues,” said @JoseSosi.

“While the whole nation is angry at police brutality, here is a privileged kid angry at a guy washing a car to make a living. This country is under state capture!” replied @MutichiloMike.