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Sonko ‘celebrates’ Elachi’s downfall

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has reacted to Beatrice Elachi’s resignation as the Speaker of Nairobi County Assembly by posting coded messages on his social media pages which appear to imply that he is celebrating Elachi’s downfall.

Sonko posted two praise and worship videos on his Facebook page on Tuesday morning, moments after Elachi made public her decision to quit.

One of the videos had the message “God has listened to our prayers. There is a God in heaven who listens to our cries and answers them.”

The message in the other video also had a similar same message: “We have seen your mighty hand Lord. Your deeds are grateful from lower to higher. You have brought us from far. While holding our hand. You lift up your people and forever we praise you.”


While announcing her resignation on Tuesday morning, Ms Elachi cited threats to her life and that of her family, power tussles, frustrations and interference from Sonko for her resignation.

“Governor Sonko, you cannot go on threatening people’s lives and their families. You also have a family. You cannot have everything, just nurture what God has given you,” Elachi said in a statement.

Despite owing their allegiance to the same political party, Sonko and Elachi have been at loggerheads for the better part of the past three years since their election.

The two leaders have been constantly bickering over passing of the county by-laws and revenue, with the fights mostly turning into a public charade involving their supporters.


In May the governor demanded that Elachi resigns for mishandling the revoked Supplementary Bill that allocated Sh15 billion to Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS).

Sonko accused Elachi of ignoring the law in the drafting and passage of the Nairobi County Supplementary Appropriations Bill, 2020 that was eventually de-gazetted by the government printer after an order from Solicitor General Ken Ogeto.

Elachi, however, claimed that she was not fighting Sonko in any way and had no personal difference with him in any way.

She however, pointed out that the governor does not like her because of her insistence on following the rule of law.