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Sonko: I faked my accent to impress foreign guests – VIDEO

By PETER MBURU November 29th, 2018 1 min read

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has finally disclosed why he chose to twang while delivering a speech before international delegates from countries across the world, faking an accent he is not known for.

As you would expect, Kenyans on social media trolled and poked fun at Sonko for what they termed as ‘faking too much’ on the governor’s part.,

But now Sonko says he wanted to impress guests from the international community and overseas countries “to feel at home” when they attended the Blue Economy Conference at the KICC.


The governor posted a video clip on his Facebook Page, correcting the reference he had made to President Uhuru Kenyatta, where he had referred to him as “President Kinyarra.”

“Mgeni siku ya kwanza, mpe mchele na panza, rice with flying fish. Mtilie kifuani, embrace him, mkaribishe… Asanteni sana Moreso Uhuru Kinyarra…” Sonko cheekily captioned the video in which he is giving a vote thanking after the departure of the international guest.

In the video, Mr Sonko further explained why he faked his accent.


“Our guests now have already left, wamerudi kwa nchi zao, so kwa niaba uya Rais Kenyatta, (not Kinyarra)… because wageni wetu sasa wameenda… kuna lugha tunatumia kuelimisha international community, wageni kutoka nchi mbali mbali wawe wamefurahi tukiongea kama wao” he said amid laughter from his audience.

The governor’s speech went viral on the social media as many people wondered why Mr Sonko, who is known to pull surprises, chose to fake his accent.

Apart from twanging the President’s name to ‘Kinyarra’, the governor also pronounced Nairobi City as ‘Cirry’ and changing his intonation while pronouncing the words ‘headquarters’ and ‘kilometers’.