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Sonko: I’ll nominate ‘another’ Miguna if you keep pressuring me

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has threatened to nominate ‘another’ Miguna Miguna if Nairobians keep pressuring him to fill the vacancy of his deputy.

Speaking during his late father’s anniversary in Mua, the governor said he should be given time to consult with his party lest he makes another rushed decision.

Last month Sonko made public the names of four women which he forwarded to the Jubilee party for approval for shortlisting as his potential nominees for the vacant position.

The Nairobi county assembly however dismissed Sonko’s actions saying he was buying time instead of making a decision and forwarding one name to the assembly for vetting.


Sonko on Thursday said he needed more time to consult on the best candidate to nominate.

“Mimi nilichagua deputy gavana miezi kidogo iliyopita, jina ikaenda assembly ikaangushwa sasa ningependa mnipatiwe time yakuconsult sitaki kuleta mtu hapa anisumbue…Kwa sababu mimi ni mtu wa Jubilee naconsult party na Rais, saa hii hakuna presha ile wakati walinipea presha nikawapatia Miguna. Mimi sitaki kupewa presha nikipewa presha nitawaletea Miguna mwingine muangushe kwa hivyo tutangoja Rais arudi tuconsult,” Sonko said as the guests in attendance cheered on.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s personal assistant Jomo Gecaga who was in attendance was introduced to the guests and the governor said he would also love to nominate him.

“Hata yeye ningependa akuwe deputy governor lakini bado tunaconsult,” Sonko said as Gecaga waved at those in attendance.