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Sonko shares lovey dovey photos of early days with wife

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has excited the online community after sharing pictures of himself with his wife Primrose Mbuvi engaged in a lover’s kiss.

Mr Sonko took his Facebook followers down the memory lane when he met hos would-be wife Primrose.

The young lover boy Sonko wore a black dungaree with a white shirt, while Ms Primrose wore black jeans with a blue sweater.

The two are locked in a tight embrace as they kiss without a care to the onlookers around them.

Sonko posted the photos to teach men to always ask their wives for forgiveness whenever they are in the wrong.

This, he advised, will help save a lot of marriages and relationships.

“No matter what you are going through in your marriage, relationship or life just Love your babes, stick to her, stay together, vumilianeni. Ukimkosea sema baby pole, ukichelewa kufika home sema babes pole, akipata sms ya mpango wa kando mpe kipindree alafu mwambie babes pole, akikushika na dame/ chali mwambie babes nakupenda nisamehe. Watu wengi huvunja relationship zao coz ya kushindwa kusema babes I’m sorry I love you forgive me,” wrote Mr Sonko.

Kenyans online had this to say about his post.

“Hahahaa i’m concerned abt the lady smiling apo kwa corner,” said Jimmy Humbleafrican.

“Aliye ndani ya gari ni Mpenzi Mtazamaji,” wrote Waithera Wanjiru.

“Mike si ungenitag kwa hii picha!!you were my greatest buddies and I’m glad you stuck together through thick and you guys,” commented Fanice Onyimbo.

“You may now drink the bride,” stated Wangui Mwangi.

“Kwani mlikuwa mmeshona chandarua?” asked Sam Zonoh.