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Sonko team busts cartel that diverts piped water from estates

By HILARY KIMUYU December 19th, 2018 2 min read

The Nairobi City County Government and the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company have arrested more than 35 water vendors in Nairobi in the last seven days over illegal water connections.

The crackdown targeted all the 17 Sub-Counties in the capital to end cases of water shortage in some of the city estates.

Nairobi City Governor Mike Sonko ordered for the crackdown.

Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director Nahashon Muguna on Tuesday said the county will sustain the war on water cartels that have diverting piped water for their own personal use.

“We will also disconnect the illegal connections and arrest those responsible,” said Muguna.

Most of those found diverting piped water have been arraigned and surcharged for the water they have been using illegally.


Muguna has further warned that car wash joints will no longer be allowed to operate along the roads since most of them have illegal connections.

“I’m appealing to all Nairobi residents to apply for water connection and avoid using the cartels that get water through diversion which denies other residents the commodity even after paying for the services,” added Muguna.

Early this month Governor Mike Sonko announced a Sh300,000 cash reward for anyone who will help the Nairobi City County Government identify those behind the water cartels, many of them accused of diverting the commodity to private vendors by disconnecting water pipes in Nairobi estates.


The Governor also offered a Sh10,000 cash reward for anyone who reports County officials who are colluding with the cartels to divert piped water for their own personal benefit.

“We are determined to identify and individuals behind the water cartels who divert piped water to private water vendors. It’s apparent that the water shortage being experienced in many parts of Nairobi is as a result of sabotage by these cartels whose days are now numbered. We will find them,” said the Governor.

On Monday an exposé by NTV traced how city vendors source their water cheaply from informal settlements and then charge exorbitantly prices for the precious commodity.