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Sonko’s rescue team to provide hearses for Mzee Ojwang’s funeral

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko will offer his fleet of hearses during the funeral of fallen comedian Benson Wanjau, popularly known as Mzee Ojwang Hatari, who died on Sunday.

Senator Sonko announced on Tuesday that he will provide hearses through the Sonko Resue Team to be used to transport the family and the deceased comedian to the burial.

The Sonko Resue Team is a philanthropic project he sponsors that offers free services to city residents.

“Rescue mission of Mzee Ojwang is a journey we started when he was alive and now that he has left us our hearse department took the task and helped transfer his body from Kenyatta mortuary to Umash funeral home,” the Senator announced on his social media pages.

He added: “His Vitimbi crew colleagues paid me a courtesy call at my office where we mourned together as they updated me on the progress they have made so far in regard to Mzee Ojwang’s funeral arrangements.”

“We concluded that as a country, we should learn to always appreciate our heroes and heroines when they are alive. Watu wangu (my people) God made life such that there will be times when we grieve for our loved ones.  Even as we grieve, we still want to give our loved ones all the love in our hearts and all the best in the world.”

In the post, the flamboyant politician also uploaded photos of a Sh 800,000 hospital bill incurred by the fallen comedian. He promised to settle the bill

The Nairobi Senator had early this year sponsored the comedian to get medical attention for his failing eye sight.