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Speaker comes to the rescue of MCAs ‘aroused by revealing outfits’

Embu County Assembly Speaker Kariuki Mate has banned MCAs from dressing in revealing outfits, saying they tempt members of the opposite sex into engaging in immoral conduct.

Mr Mate observed that some MCAs were getting distracted from legislative business by their colleagues who dress in outfits that “arouse romantic fantasies.”

He threw out an MCA who had worn a Kaunda suit, saying it was too revealing.

Mr Mate expressed concern that male MCAs were increasingly dressing in shirts that exposed their “biceps and triceps” which they unbutton to expose their chests.

The female MCAs, on the other hand,  were accused of dressing in “miniskirts and bare-back sleeveless tops” that also have low-cut front ends which expose their cleavages and parts of their breasts.

The dress code debate was kicked off by Kithimu MCA Michael Njeru who asked whether Mbeti South MCA Muria Nyaki was appropriately dressed when he walked into the chambers in a Kaunda suit.

“I just wanted guidance from the chair on the dressing code, whether Kaunda suit is official attire in this house the way my colleague from Mbeti South is dressed,” he said.

Mr Nyaki retorted that he was more smartly dressed than Mr Njeru.

But Mr Mate ruled that; “The unwritten rule in Commonwealth rule is that members are prevented to dress in a sexy way, this is not the place to dress to attract, this is not the place to dress enticingly.”

He ordered Mr Nyaki out of the chambers to go and “dress well”.

“I will therefore have no option than to ask Hon Nyaki to go and cover his chest, his triceps and biceps and to come appropriately dressed for this house,” ruled Mr Mate.

The Speaker noted that most male MCAs remove their ties and hang them at the assembly door immediately after sittings are concluded, only to pick them up the next sitting day.