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Ssaru claps back at Ezekiel Mutua for criticizing ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ hit song

The CEO of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, Dr Ezekiel Mutua, recently criticized musicians for prioritizing likes and follows over moral values in their songs. He argued that instead of producing songs that are popular, one should create music with meaningful messages that can positively impact listeners.

During an interview with Eve Mungai Media, Dr Mutua gave example of songs by Kenyan artistes that promote cultural and moral decay in society, singling out Ssaru’s latest hit, Kaskie Vibaya.

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“I am calling on these artistes to step up their game. Let their music promote hope and inspiration. Let us not focus solely on likes, shares and views. Let the song help people find hope and change the course of their lives,” Dr Mutua said.

“People are going through a lot. Have you heard the song about the lady singing ‘Niko napesa na ni ya babako’? What are you telling my daughter?,” he posed.

Now, Ssaru has responded to the criticism. Ssaru exclusively told Nairobi News that her critics should listen to her other songs. She argued that she cannot be pigeonholed to one age group and that her audience is diverse.

“If Ezekiel Mutua listened to my other songs, like my recent hit with a Rhumba taste, he would judge it differently,” she said.

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“I cannot stop creating songs just because one person didn’t like the lyrics or the song. He should, in fact, check out my YouTube channel,” she further said.

Since its release, the song has become a hit, amassing more than 115,000 views on YouTube and sparking viral TikTok challenges.

The song carries a connotation that many people, particularly women, can relate to regarding the controversies surrounding sugar daddies and sugar babies.

It tells the story of a woman who left her boyfriend and became romantically involved with his father. The woman goes on about how the mubaba supports her financially.

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