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Ssemi Aina is back with his load of cash

Ssemi Aina, the young businessman who once attempted to stage a coup in AFC Leopards and in the process almost threw the club into bankruptcy by reportedly wiping clean Ingwe’s bank account, is back in the news.

Aina has yet again flossed his bundles of cash on social media while sharing his frustration with the Registrar of Political Parties Anne Nderitu for reversing the decision to expel Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala from the ANC party.


Aina says he would have used the money, which he claims amounts to Sh75 million, to challenge Malala for the Kakamega Senatorial seat had the Registrar ratified his expulsion leading to a by-election.

The post has a photo of bundles of the new generation Sh1,000 banknotes arranged on a table and stashed into an open travelling bag under the table. Some more bundles of cash litter the floor and an adjacent sofa in the room.

“Just when I was done setting aside Sh75 million to face-off with Malala, the Registrar of Political Parties decides to deny the people of Kakamega the opportunity to reclaim back their County 037. Anyway, it is not over until it is over. Akiba haiozi (savings don’t decay),” he wrote.

Ssemi Aina's load of cash. PHOTO | COURTESY
Ssemi Aina’s load of cash. PHOTO | COURTESY

Malala was recently expelled from ANC but the decision was reversed by Nderitu who claimed that the decision was not procedural.

Aina, who has declared interest in contesting for the Kakamega Senator seat on an ANC ticket in 2022, is infamous for showing off his cash on social media.

He often posts pictures of himself living large, sampling exquisite food and drinks and driving high-end cars.


Some time late last year, he posted images of himself displaying piles of the old generation Sh1000 banknotes.

In the post he claimed he was heading to church to tithe. “Tuliamua kutoa tithe ya the whole year,” he wrote.

On another occasion he posted bundles of cash on his Facebook page while boasting of his ‘generosity’.

Around the same time, he also displayed cash in his car which he claimed he used to bail out Lugari MP Ayub Savula who had been arrested.

Aina is however best remembered in Kenyan football circles for his bitter tussle with Alex Ole Magelo for the chairmanship of Kenyan Premier League side AFC Leopards in 2011.

At the height of their wrangles, Ole Magelo accused Aina of withdrawing Sh2 million from the club’s accounts without following due procedure.