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Stop cheating us! Kenyans scoff at new ERC electricity tariffs

Kenyans are not excited about the newly revised electricity tariffs that have seen the fixed monthly charges removed.

Lawyer Apollo Mboya who is leading a class action lawsuit against Kenya Power said the new tariffs were to hoodwink consumers.

“Removal of fixed charge on electricity bills is to hoodwink the consumers. Fuel & Forex Adjustment Costs are the conduits for fleecing consumers,” he wrote.

His sentiments were echoed by many other Kenyans who commented on the Nairobi News story.

It remains to be seen how the new tariffs will affect bills and tokens.

However, according to Business Dailythe new rates have pushed up power costs for middle class users while favouring poor homes and top consumers.

Koech Bernard wrote, “They should refund amount we have so far paid to date. What was it for?”

James Kamau stated, “Joke of the year what of fuel cost, & all hidden charges.”


Scots Mitchel Scots added, “It makes no difference…after all they have reduced the number of tokens…earlier this month 250 was enough to buy you 23 units…Unlike now the same amount is giving you 11 to 14 units on same month, nothing to applaud.”

Steven Musili wrote, “The devil is in the details…They may have scrapped but more hidden charges and cooked meter readings coming.”

Yusuf Chumo commented, “Nothing to celebrate here. The overall cost increases, the only people who will enjoy the fixed charge reprieve is under 10kwh p.m.”

Josephat Muciocqer added, “July 1st?????? That means am supposed to get a refund for July then.”

Sam Sam added, “They must have found some other secretive ways to steal from us??!! Kenya ile kitu inaweza anguka bei ni nguo tu.”