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Subaru boy Alai threatens singer Ringtone with Rungu

Blogger Robert Alai and gospel musician Ringtone have been involved in a physical altercation which the singer says was occasioned by an accident involving the cars they were driving.

In a video seen by Nairobi News, the two artists are seen exchanging not-so-pleasant words at each other for a sustained period of up to one minute in the middle of a highway.

At that point, the face of the Natafuta Bibi hitmaker has blood dripping all over it.

During the argument, Ringtone, whose real name is Alex Apoko, is seen continuously gesturing towards Alai while standing on top of the car he was driving, a Range Rover.

Kwanini ananipiga” (why has he beaten me)? Ringtone, clad in blue jeans and matching sweater is heard repeatedly asking in the minute long clip.

During that spell, Alai, who is keen to join politics ahead of the 2022 elections, is seen walking out of his car, a Subaru outback, while carrying what appears to be a rungu (club).

He reportedly points in the direction of Ringtone as if to offer repeated warnings.

“He hit my car window severally with the rungu,” Ringtone told Nairobi News in a telephone interview.

“He’s also hit me on the head. I am heading to the hospital right now for treatment. I have filed a case of damages and malicious destruction of property at the Kilimani police and left him there.”

Alai was not available for comment.