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Suddenly, everyone is heading to the gym

By MERCY NJOKI August 12th, 2015 2 min read

Gone are the days when Kenyan celebrities used to post pictures of holding bottles of Amarula and ‘expensive’ whiskey on social media as if their lives depended on it.

Instead, most are capturing sessions at the gym and posting to their fans on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

And if the Queen of Reggae Nazizi’s new look is anything to go by, the gym is serving people so well.

After her divorce drama, the self-proclaimed first ladytook to the gym and it yielded much. She lost her plus size body to a sexy one, having lost a staggering 32 kilos by February.

“We are young but we won’t be forever. We need to take care of ourselves now so that when we get older, we don’t have to be in the hospital because of these diseases,” she told Buzz magazine in February.

Pictures of musician Nazizi before and after hitting the gym. PHOTO | COURTESY
Pictures of musician Nazizi before and after hitting the gym. PHOTO | COURTESY

Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua is now carrying her bundle of joy but had previously posted photos and videos of gym workouts. She always wore a determined face in the photos.

DJ Pinye has also not been left out in this new trend. He has severally posted photos of himself working out at the gym. Pinye, how many kilos have you lost so far?

For Sauti Sol crew, you don’t need to be told how they got and maintain the biceps and the six pack that leave girls dazzled. After the release of their Nishike Video, these guys must have spurred many people to hit the gym.

The king of radio Maina Kageni is also singing the gym song. He once weighed a clean 119kgs but has since cut to a healthy 72 kilos.

Maina has been working on gaining mass since the beginning of the year.

““It was a complete change for me. I stopped eating anything processed and fried; even my fish is steamed. I stopped taking tea and coffee and have not had a soda in three years,” Maina told Buzz.

Kiss TV Grace Msalame was once accused of displaying too much flesh when she hit the gym this year.

The proud mother of twins said she wanted to maintain her beautiful body and sweat a bit. Not a bad thing.

Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua keeping pace with a gym instructor. PHOTO | COURTESY
Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua keeping pace with a gym instructor. PHOTO | COURTESY

Sheila Mwanyigha also adopted this trending lifestyle. The NTV AM Live host looks well toned after hitting the gym with vigor.

Talia Oyando joined the gym club in May with an intention of getting her shape back. The celebrated radio personality-cum-musician posted photos of herself on Instagram sweating it out in an effort to keep fit.

Apparently even ordinary middle class Kenyans have not been left out in this fitness and healthy living business.

Many other Kenyans are following suit and finally, that WhatsApp status ‘in the gym’ has a true meaning.

Gym pictures are slowly elbowing food photos from Instagram pages. And when the food pictures are posted, it’s vegetable here, boiled maize there, yams, arrow roots and sweet potatoes, steamed carrots, vegetables and fruit piece among other organic foods.

Others have formed clubs and run at Karura Forest on early mornings over the weekend.

This phenomena is real, man! Nobody wants to be left out.