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Sultana actress Dida announces break up from 5-year relationship

Sultana actress Dida has officially confirmed her split from actor Dan Sonko, based in Mombasa. 

In an online interview, Dida, real name Winnie Bwire shared insights into the reasons behind their breakup.

The couple begun dating in 2018 but recently decided to end their five-year relationship.

Bwire further disclosed her journey towards spiritual growth, along with challenges such as her failed relationship and battling cancer, led to the decision.

During the conversation, Bwire reflected on the heartache she experienced, describing her life as having taken a new direction. She emphasized that her life had been transformed, acknowledging significant character development. She explained that she met her best friend, and together they embarked on a new chapter by deciding to settle down. This decision marked the beginning of their journey as a couple.

“I am starting from scratch because life as I knew it ended. Watu wa Nairobi you like saying character development. So I met my best friend in the whole wide world, and we decided that we are going to settle down. and so we begin this journey,” said Bwire.

Two years into their relationship, Bwire opened up about Dan’s personal struggle. Dan had previously lost his first wife while she was giving birth to their second child. This tragedy had set him on a path of rebuilding his life, which ultimately brought him and Bwire together. Their shared experiences and understanding led them to start a romantic relationship.

“Two years into the relationship, the people that don’t know him, he lost his first wife while delivering his second born. And so he had been on a journey of trying to rebuild. And that is how we came together,” she continued. 

Bwire recounted their decision to date, emphasizing the genuine nature of their bond due to their strong friendship. However, challenges began to emerge. After two years, Dan began to experience mental health issues, leaving Bwire in an unfamiliar situation. She expressed her feelings of uncertainty and stress, highlighting the difficulty of handling such a scenario, especially within a young and genuine relationship.

“And we said you know what we’ve been through stuff, let’s do this. And it was genuine because we were the best of friends And so we set on this path of rebuilding our lives and two years down the line he gets mental health issues, and I don’t know what to do Lynn. This is something you’ve never tackled before and you are young in this union, and you are genuine, and you do know what to do,” she shared. 

Balancing the demands of work, raising children, and maintaining their relationship became an even greater challenge for the couple. Bwire described this period as the most stressful in her life, an experience that tested her resilience. She admitted to feeling lost and uncertain, but she decided to prioritize her well-being and her children’s needs.

“There was an even bigger challenge – the two children. There’s kids, there’s you, there’s work, how do you balance? And so it was such a stressful period in my life, I would say the most stressful period. I have never been put through a test, as big as that.”

Throughout the interview, Bwire revealed that she had never been comfortable discussing her problems with others. She acknowledged the difficulties she faced during this trying period and how it contributed to her current state of mind. Despite being seen as a strong woman, Bwire expressed that the weight of her circumstances was overwhelming.

Returning to the topic of the relationship, Bwire recalled a turning point. While trying to regain a sense of normalcy, she noticed her arm swelling. At first, she dismissed it, but as the swelling persisted, she voiced her concerns to Dan. Their lives took another unexpected turn when Bwire was diagnosed with cancer. This event marked a pivotal moment in their journey.

Dan Sonko publicly announced their breakup in July, clarifying that they were no longer romantically involved. He stressed that they remained good friends and intended to maintain a professional relationship. Dan clarified that, despite rumors, they had not been married, attributing this to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bwire echoed this sentiment in her interview, referring to Dan as her partner rather than her husband.

“Bwire Ndubi and I are no longer romantically together. We are still very good friends, but when it comes to love/family – to each their own. We still maintain a cordial business relationship. I respect her as a queen in her own right. I care deeply for her, but the decision we arrived at was mutually agreed. We have not married thanks to the #Covid19 Pandemic, so this separation should not be deemed as a divorce. For now, I am a lone ranger. Single and not searching,” he said.

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