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Tanasha defends ‘low key’ birthday party

Singer Tanasha has defended herself after a fan leaked videos of what transpired during her low key birthday party.

Tanasha turned 25 on Tuesday, and instead of the pomp when she dated Diamond Platnumz, she opted for a brief celebration with her family and friends, in Diani.

But according to the anonymous fan, the party was not up to the “expected” standards.

The fan says that everyone had to come with their own drinks. This is a pale shadow of the birthday parties that Diamond would throw to Tanasha during their happier times.

In one of those parties, Diamond gifted her a brand new Toyota Prado which he later repossessed when they parted ways.

Most of the people at the party were strangers to Tanasha since they had been invited by a few of her friends.

“I attended that ka party so everyone had to come with their own drinks wakasubiri Tanasha afike from around 12. Ndo akafika saa tatu usiku with Gadafi na hao mabeste wake kama wamebeba canned beers sijui sita gilbeys wine na some whiskey sijai ona,” said the fan.

“The people who were there were just friends who called other friends who called other friends 90 percent Tanasha hawajui. Yaani ilikuwa bash inakaa ya highschool zile za kuchanga,” she added.

Tanasha responded through her Insta stories saying that the evening birthday celebration was just a highlight of the main party that was to come.

“Hey guys I want to say a huge thank you for everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I decided to have something very intimate with friends, because I knew today there was another party that was planned for me. To have nyama and drinks. So some un-invited people decided to show up thinking it is a party,” Tanasha retorted.

“Pretending to wish me a happy birthday, they tried to film me having a good time on my birthday with my people. And I know exactly who took the videos,” she added.

Tanasha’s change of fortunes come as Diamond gravitates back towards his other baby mama, Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

Just this week Zari thanked Diamond for topping her up to buy her latest vehicle, a Bentley.