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Tanasha: I’m learning how to be selfish

Singer Tanasha Donna has been dishing out some life lessons she’s experienced since her debut in the entertainment industry in 2017.

The singer, whose relationship with Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz ended in tears advised her fans on  Instagram to stop making time for people who do not deserve it.

Secondly, she warns her fans on being generous to people who do not even care about the welfare of the person they are receiving help from.

She said: “Major lessons: Stop making time for people who don’t deserve a second of it. Can’t cross oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump a puddle for you. Outgrow the idea of helping people who are not the least bit concerned about your physical or mental wellbeing.”

She finished off by advising her fans to live a free life by letting go of toxic people in their lives.

“Time to LET GO of what no longer deserves your way too precious energy. BE HAPPY ALWAYS! ? you deserve it,” wrote Tanasha.

The mother of one has had her fair share of bad publicity. She broke up with Platnumz in 2019 a few months after siring their first child Naseeb Junior (NJ).

The situation brought her under harsh scrutiny by her fans who accused her of using Diamond fame to promote herself.

In February this year, her name was again dragged in the mud after a makeup artist called her out for not paying her dues for services offered in one of her recent video shoots.

Tanasha later came out to say that she has cleared the bill and apologized to the makeup artiste for the delay in payments.