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Why Tanzanians want Raila’s daughter to apologise for goof

Tanzanians have started an online petition to compel Raila Odinga’s eldest daughter to apologise for making misleading remarks  at an international forum.

Rosemary Odinga was one of participants in the 2015 program for International Young Leaders Assembly (IYLA) where she erroneously remarked that Olduvai Gorge, a famous archaeological site, is in Kenya.

Tanzanians have been irked by the “misleading information” by Ms Odinga and now want her to apologise for the remarks.


“Olduvai Gorge, or Oldupai Gorge is NOT in KENYA !! This is one of the most important paleoanthropological sites in the world located in TANZANIA,” the online petition started by Marianne Mwiki states.

“A steep-sided ravine in the Great Rift Valley that stretches across East Africa, it is about 48 km (30 mi) long, and is located in the eastern Serengeti Plains in the Arusha Region not far, about 45 km, from Laetoli, another important archaeological site of early human occupation,” it added.

Olduvai Gorge is where Kenyan archeologists Mary and Louis Leakey carried out excavations and discoveries that eventually convinced the world that humans did indeed evolve in Africa.

Hundreds of Tanzanians supporting the petition have admonished Ms Odinga for the remarks.


“I was so upset after hearing Rosemary’s speech at the UN international young youth Assembly that was very misleading speech by lying that Olduvai Gorge is in Kenya. Personally as a Tanzanian, and Arusha born the home of Olduvai Gorge, I’m so upset and I support this petition! Rosemary Odinga must apologize to Tanzania on the same setting! We need public apology,” said Zilfa Mussa.

“To stop people like Rosemary Odinga from distortions and from stealing another country’s history to make it “hers” for their own monetary gain.We should also make My Brothers and Sisters in Kenya to stop using Mt.Kilimanjaro as a tourism destination for their country while they know blood well that Mt.Kilimanjaro is Tanzanian Property and will remain so,” said Mhagama Mike.

“I am signing this because I want to be part of history in correcting the misleading information given out at the world fora, we have known Kenyans for their deliberate efforts to claim what is not rightfully theirs, they stated with Mount Kilimanjaro and they have now moved to Oldpai Gorge……appaling,” said Dennis Mwendwa.