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Tedd Josiah sends Kenyans emotional message at wife’s burial

By GRACE GITAU October 8th, 2017 2 min read

Award-winning music producer Tedd Josiah on Saturday urged Kenyans to remain united as he paid his respects to his partner who died after a short illness.

Regina Muthoni, 26, was buried at her parents’ home in Ihururu Village, Nyeri County. She left behind a three-month-old baby, Jameela Wendo.

Mr Josiah asked Kenyans not to be divided along ethnic, political or religious lines.

He said his daughter’s name – Wendo – meant “love” in the Gikuyu language and “special visitor” among the Luo.

“When you see Wendo in the streets and you ask her what tribe she is, she will have a story to tell you,” he said.

Josiah told the mourners that he and Muthoni kept their union secret as they made plans to officially visit their parents and formalise the marriage.


“We intended to be here officially in the coming two months. We agreed not to do anything publicly before informing our parents,” he said.

Mr Josiah added that Muthoni was a dedicated mother and true friend, referring to her as an angel.

“Three hours to her death, Regina was breastfeeding our daughter. That is the kind of mother she was. She put herself last and other people first,” he said.


Tedd Josiah eulogies fiancée as family prepares to bury her in Nyeri

Tedd Josiah mourns wife who died after short illness

“Once in your life, you will find a life partner to have for such a brief time. It is a hard thing.”

Muthoni’s parents were in tears.

“I have never seen anyone more dedicated. She loved our daughter,” Mr Josiah told the hundreds of mourners.

The former Blue Zebra Records boss is famous for producing the hit single Unbwogable by Gidi Gidi and Maji Maji, which was used as a campaign song by the National Rainbow Coalition in the 2002 General Election.

In 2007, he was the media executive of Mr Raila Odinga’s presidential campaign.