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Teenage actor Baha finds love

Actor Baha, real name Kamau Mbaya, is in love, even though his fans believe he is still young for a romantic relationship.

This is after the actor, who shot to prominence for his role on the Machachari show on Citizen TV, shared a photo of himself and his girlfriend on social media.

Alongside the photo, he wrote, “Dear ladies (I) am fully booked and taken. Out of market.”

This is the first time the actor has gone public about his love life eliciting varied reactions from Kenyans, a majority of whom appeared skeptical.

“Tumwambie ukweli ama tuwache tu (should we tell him the truth or just leave?) asked El Daucho.

“Without your name, hata kwa huyo dame ungekua unanuka tu Kitunguu kwake (If you did not have a name you would have been staying at the lady’s house. Take care). Chunga,” opined Ella Maina.

“It’s his time. Let him enjoy. Sijui mbona wazee wako na uchungu na hii stage wengi walipitia hii stage ya excitement (I do not know why older people here are becoming haters and yet they also passed through this stage),” wrote Majju Jay.

“Almost thought you were acting. How old are you again?? Just enjoy it while it lasts as long as you are babies. And some little advice, you can still do it without shouting. You still have so many years of experience ahead of you young boy,” commented Maureene Oteba.

“I would like to take a special moment to remember Samson and how he was warned from marrying Delilah, may he rest in peace,” stated Tom John.

“That lady looks older than you. That’s one. 2nd, wisdom comes from several women, don’t cheat yourself. You are still a kid and know nothing about love. Illusions will go when you get dumped little bro,” said Emmanuel Odenyire.