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TikTok rival: Nyako regrets over feud with Brian Chira

Controversial TikToker Rose Atieno, famously known as Nyako Pilot, has expressed deep regrets over her earlier spat with Brian Chira.

To be specific, Nyako Pilot harbours regrets she did not mend fences with Chira, who’s also popular on TikTok before he recently passed away.

The discord between Nyako and Chira escalated into public view, with both facing criticism and hate from online audiences.

Chira once took to TikTok to call out Nyako, accusing her of discussing his late mother.

Despite attempts at reconciliation by Chira, Nyako remained adamant, opting to distance herself and wishing him well in his endeavors.

However, in a recent TikTok live session, Nyako expressed profound remorse for not extending an olive branch to Chira, lamenting the collective failure to honor his memory adequately.

“We failed Brian, all of us, including me. We failed him,” Nyako confessed.

“And I think I failed him the most because he looked for me everywhere, and I said no.”

Nyako also addressed a prophetic message predicting her imminent demise, affirming her acceptance of her health condition.

“Maybe I am the next one. I hear my days are numbered. I will find my peace. I will meet him somewhere,” she said.

She expressed a desire to reconcile with Chira in the afterlife, envisioning a future where they could mend their differences.

“I am also sickly and have health problems, I can die anytime. We are all going to die, and I will be glad to meet Brian when I cross over,” she remarked.

Additionally, a throwback video featuring Brian Chira surfaced, highlighting his grievances about being abandoned by friends during challenging times.

“I called Tizian to bring me my ARVs when I was in prison, but he never picked my calls. I called like 10 friends, and only Murira picked and called Manzi wa Meru, who sent me KSh 1,000 fare from Nakuru to Nairobi. He also brought me ARVs,” he said.

Brian Chira will be laid to rest on Tuesday, March 26.

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