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TikTok trend: Kenyans condemn colourism, share traumatic experiences of dark-skinned women

By Mercy Simiyu September 3rd, 2023 2 min read

TikTok has in the recent past served as a stage for trending conversations on various social issues.

Recently, the social media platform became the epicenter of a powerful and thought-provoking discourse, as Kenyans took to the platform to condemn colorism and share their traumatic experiences as dark-skinned women.

Simultaneously, others candidly expressed feeling left out in the dating scene due to their skin tone.

Over the past few weeks, TikTok in Kenya has witnessed a remarkable wave of solidarity against colorism.

Colorism, a form of discrimination based on the shade of one’s skin, has been an enduring issue worldwide, and Kenya is no exception.

However, this recent trend on TikTok has brought this issue to the forefront of public discourse in the country.

Dark-skinned Kenyan women have been sharing stories of their experiences with colorism, recounting instances of prejudice, discrimination, and microaggressions they have faced throughout their lives.

These stories range from childhood memories of being teased by peers to workplace discrimination and struggles with self-esteem.

Narrating Traumatic Experiences

The narratives shared on TikTok have been deeply moving, with many dark-skinned women bravely narrating their traumatic experiences. Some have recounted the psychological toll of feeling “less than” due to the color of their skin, which has led to self-esteem issues and mental health challenges. Others have shared how colorism affects not just their self-perception but also their opportunities in various aspects of life.

One TikTok user created a heartfelt video and captioned it, “Growing up, I was told to use skin-lightening products to be more attractive. This constant pressure took a toll on my self-esteem and self-worth. It’s time to end this toxic mentality.”

Dating While Dark-Skinned

In addition to condemning colorism, some TikTok users also opened up about their dating experiences as dark-skinned women in Kenya. They expressed the frustration of feeling overlooked or excluded in the dating scene, often citing societal beauty standards as a factor.

One user shared a poignant video, saying, “Dating as a dark-skinned woman in Kenya can be challenging. We often see lighter-skinned women being prioritized in dating apps and social gatherings. It’s disheartening.”

A Call for Change

While these conversations on TikTok have exposed the harsh realities of colorism and dating bias, they have also ignited a call for change. Kenyans are now discussing ways to challenge these stereotypes and promote a more inclusive and accepting society. Activists and organizations are seizing the moment to raise awareness about the harmful effects of colorism and advocate for diversity and representation.

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