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Tiktoker Alma: A guy’s body count isn’t a turn off to me

By Rajab Zawadi October 22nd, 2023 2 min read

Alma Mutheu, a vibrant and beloved TikTok star, has recently shared her thoughts on the much-debated topic of “body count” and its significance in relationships.

The 25-year-old content creator, known for her bubbly personality and relatable content, expressed a refreshingly open-minded perspective.

The concept of “body count” refers to the number of people one has been sexually involved with, and for many, it has been considered a potential red flag when evaluating a potential partner.

However, Alma Mutheu is challenging this notion, stating that a person’s past experiences should not dictate their future prospects in a relationship.

“I don’t think someone’s body count should be an issue, no matter the number. The most important thing is that you are with me now. I don’t care about your past or the number of people you’ve been with. As long as you are not cheating, I’m fine,” Alma shared.

Alma, who has a body count of one due to her previous monogamous relationship, firmly believes that the focus in a relationship should not be on the number of past partners but on the commitment and loyalty exhibited in the present.

She emphasizes that infidelity is a far more significant issue in a relationship than one’s history.

“I honestly won’t forgive cheating because it’s a choice. You can’t break that trust and expect to be forgiven,” Alma stated firmly.

In her definition of cheating, Alma includes flirting with others, asserting that it is incompatible with a committed relationship.

She explains, “My definition of cheating begins with flirting with someone else because you can’t be flirting while being in a relationship with me. It doesn’t make sense.”

Currently single, Alma Mutheu recently faced rumors suggesting that she might be romantically involved with fellow content creator and gospel singer Gift Musiq.

However, she clarified her relationship with Gift, stating that they share a close platonic bond, largely influenced by the skits they create together in which they portray lovers.

“No, we are not dating, but given the chance, I would date him because he is an amazing person, very supportive,” Alma clarified.

Alma’s candid perspective challenges conventional relationship norms and emphasizes the importance of trust and loyalty over past experiences when it comes to building meaningful connections with others.

Her open-minded approach resonates with her followers and offers a refreshing outlook on modern relationships.