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Nadia Mukami and her boo to stage Love & Vibes concert

By Sinda Matiko October 22nd, 2023 2 min read

Celebrity couple Nadia Mukami and her partner, Arrow Bwoy, are gearing up to bring their unique blend of music and love to the heart of Eldoret with their inaugural concert, “Love & Vibes,” scheduled for December.

This event, inspired by the couple’s first-ever collaborative Extended Play (EP) of the same name, released in June 2023, promises an unforgettable experience for fans.

The name “Love & Vibes” holds special significance for Nadia and Arrow Bwoy, reflecting their deep connection as a couple.

According to Nadia, the choice of the concert name goes beyond mere symbolism: “Why ‘Love and Vibes’ concert? Because love is universal, but it’s also about us, Nadia and Arrow Bwoy. As a couple, we share a profound love, and there’s an abundance of positive energy between us, away from the cameras. This is something the public rarely gets to see. By curating this concert, we’re embracing who we are and sharing it with our fans and the world.”

The power couple envisions taking the “Love & Vibes” concert to different towns in the near future. However, the first edition was a heartfelt decision to begin in Eldoret, a place close to their hearts.

Arrow Bwoy explains, “We chose Eldoret because, when we look at our music statistics, a significant portion of our music streams come from this city. It’s only fitting to host our first concert here, as we believe we have a strong and supportive family in Eldoret.”

Despite the public’s view of their affectionate displays, Nadia recently made a playful comment about Arrow Bwoy’s romantic side, stating, “I tend to think Luhya men aren’t romantic. I don’t remember a single scenario where he was romantic.”

These lighthearted comments highlight the couple’s candid and playful relationship.

In addition to their unique charm, Nadia and Arrow Bwoy admit that, like any couple, they face challenging seasons in their relationship.

Nadia shares, “That’s why we don’t always follow each other on social media because any time we have a small argument, we immediately unfollow each other. I think we’re sometimes a bit petty, but that’s a normal part of being in a relationship.”

As the date for “Love & Vibes” concert in Eldoret approaches, the excitement is building, promising a memorable experience for their fans and an opportunity to witness the beautiful chemistry that this power couple shares, both on and off the stage.