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TikToker Tinashe Mwaniki on signing up for American beauty YouTuber James Charles’ makeup campaign

Three weeks ago, globally renowned beauty Youtuber James Charles announced that he intended on flying out to Los Angeles, California, 10 makeup artists and makeup lovers with different skill levels to participate in the launch and campaign of his new makeup line that is set to be launched after three years of research and development.

Participants were expected to make a social media reel showing their best makeup looks and then hashtag the James Charles campaign.

Additional information required of participants was their name, where they live, and what their favorite makeup memory was.

In Kenya, top TikToker makeup artist Tinashe Mwaniki was one of many who handed in their video submissions to participate in the James Charles campaign.

Link of submission video:

“@James Charles, being a day one James stan of course I’m gonna hop onto this. I’m already excited and I haven’t been flown out yet but this would be a dream come true for me tbh,” said Tinashe Mwaniki in her submission video’s caption.

James Charles responded to her TikTok submission saying, “Omg, you’re stunning.” to which Tinashe responded by saying, “I love you sister,” and added two red heart emoji.

Tinashe Mwaniki exclusively spoke to Nairobi News about her signing up to the James Charles makeup campaign.

“I remember when I was getting into makeup during the covid lockdown. James Charles was one of the people I used to watch, like religiously. I recently signed up for the James Charles campaign, he’s launching a makeup brand so he was looking for 10 makeup artists from around the world and I used to consistently watch him during covid.

Like, he would make a video and I was there like ‘yeah, let’s watch it’ and I think my first look was actually inspired by one of the looks he’s done. So, just seeing that opportunity I was like ‘it’s about time’. Like this was the one chance I would actually get to be in a space with him, learn from him- which is pretty cool because I think we are the same age and just like, seeing him go off- it would just be amazing to be there,” said Tinashe.

Tinashe Mwaniki, 23, does special effects make up too and has in the past showcased her work online where she transformed her face into fictional characters like Iron Man, Spider Man, Neytiri from Avatar, into a skeleton, Frankenstein and other graphic looks.

She is a self-taught makeup artiste who charges clients Sh 6,000 for creative glam looks that go viral when she shares the process behind creating the looks.

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