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TikTokers pay heartfelt tribute to Brian Chira at candlelight vigil

Tiktoker Brian Chira was fondly remembered as a cherished friend and vibrant soul during a candlelight ceremony held on Sunday, March 24, at Rainbow Resorts.

The event, attended by hundreds of TikTokers from across the country, served as a touching tribute to the late content creator.

Everyone present wore attire in the shade of white.

Emotions ran high as attendees struggled to contain their grief while paying homage to Chira, with some speakers becoming overwhelmed and breaking down in tears during their heartfelt tributes.

Prince Mwiti, visibly moved by the loss, expressed his deep connection with Chira, admitting that words failed to encapsulate the depth of their friendship.

“I would take three hours to pay Chira’s tribute, but I will just say that I have lost a great friend…”

Lady Opiyo, reflecting on the brief time she spent with Chira, described him as a kind-hearted individual whose presence left a lasting impact on those around him.

Adding a musical touch to the solemn occasion, Hanna Benta, Trisha Khalid, and several other TikTokers performed soulful Kikuyu songs in honor of Brian Chira’s memory, further elevating the emotional atmosphere.

Meanwhile, TikToker Chesoni took to social media to mourn the loss of his dear friend, Brian Chira, who tragically lost his life in a road accident on March 16.

In a touching tribute, Chesoni revealed his plan to wear a jersey bearing Chira’s name as a symbol of remembrance and solidarity.

“You proudly put on a shirt with my name till you left us am willing to pay back till I die thanks for being a real friend. Chira rest in peace now they can’t judge you anymore, and all the pain you told me about is gone. You’re so courageous to face this step of life. Prepare us a place for us also don’t be afraid to face God’s judgement, he created you he will always be on your side. I love you bro, and rest easy,” Chesoni captioned the heartfelt video.

Brian Chira will be laid to rest on Tuesday, March 26 at his grandmother’s ancestral home in Kiambu county.