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How to confirm if your child is registered for 2024 KPSEA and KCSE

The deadline for candidates set to seat their Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) national examinations towards the end of the year have until March 29, 2024, to either confirm if they are registered or their details were accurately registered on the Kenya National Examinations Council’s (KNEC) registration portals.

KNEC has advised parents with candidates to confirm if their children were registered and their data accurately captured because the deadline will not be extended.

“There will be no extension of the deadlines and requests for late registration will not be honoured. There will be no room for change of photographs for KCSE candidates after the closure of the registration,” read the KNEC notice.

Failure to confirm these details would risk their children missing out on the national examinations sat at Grade 6 for KPSEA and KCSE sat in Form Four.

How, then, can parents go about ensuring that their children are registered on the system and their information is correct?

For KPSEA candidates, parents are to ensure that the schools their children attend register them on the KNEC CBA portal using their Assessment Center log-in credentials (username and password) to register the learners under KPSEA Portal.

With these credentials, the schools will first be able to log in to the CBA portal where they will register the students’ full names, gender, birth certificate number, NEMIS UPI Code, date of birth, nationality, religious subject, disability option, parent/guardian’s name and phone number. All this information is necessary except for the NEMIS code and birth certificate number.

The school should then proceed to the KPSEA portal where they will be able to generate students’ registered details after keying in their Assessment Numbers. A parent or the school will also have the opportunity to amend any registration details regarding their children at this point. Upon successful registration, a confirmation message, “KPSEA Learner registered successfully’ will be displayed.

The school will then, in the end, be able to download a report, the KPSEA Nominal Roll, and print it to see which students have been successfully registered on the portal. It is from this roll that parents can confirm if their children are fully and accurately registered ahead of the national exam.

For the KCSE candidates, confirmation of their registration can be done on the KNEC registration portal where their photos, full names, gender, year of birth, citizenship, entry codes, birth certificate numbers, category of special needs and subjects are registered. This information can only be accessed by heads of institutions where the national examinations will be conducted.

It is these heads of institutions that register their learners on the KNEC registration portal using their examination centre log-in credentials, and it is from them that parents can confirm if their children are accurately registered ahead of the exam.

The link to where this registration confirmation can be done is here.