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Traffic police officer shoots colleague in gun drama with anti-graft detectives

A traffic police officer in Kisumu sustained a gunshot wound during a scuffle between the law enforcers and Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) officers.

The incident happened after the anti-graft detectives attempted to arrest the police officers along Mamboleo roadblock early Wednesday morning.

According to an EACC official, one traffic police officer is reported to have fired at the EACC officers from the Kisumu regional office, but unfortunately the bullet hit one of his colleagues.

One of the traffic police officer is reported to have escaped shortly after the incident.

The officers have been arrested and taken to Mamboleo Police Station for identification by the station OCPD and OCS.

Once the identification is done, the EACC officers said they would brief the media on what lead to the incident at their Kisumu Regional Offices.