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Witness narrates his meeting with Jowie and Monica on the night of the murder

A witness, who claims to have been among the last people to see Monica Kimani alive, has said in court that the deceased introduced Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Jowie as a ‘security officer in the Office of the President and also a ‘security officer for Interpol’.

Ms Kimani, who used to be a businesswoman, was found murdered by the police who have since pinned Jowie and TV journalist Jacque Maribe as the main suspects.

In his testimony before court on Tuesday, Lee Owen Omondi Madala, claims to have met Jowie alongside Ms Kimani and another man only referred to as a ‘Mr Walid’ on the night it is believed the latter was killed.

Omondi says he met Irungu in South Sudan a while back and had gone to collect his ‘logbook’ from Monica’s place at Lamuria Apartments.

“I had gone to Monica’s house to collect my logbook and upon arrival, she joyfully welcomed me and then ushered me into the sitting room where I found two men – Walid and Jowie,” Omondi told Justice Wakiaga.

Omondi says Jowie was dressed in a red cap, a white kanzu and a grey coat.

Omondi also says Jowie at some point during the conversation suggested he wished to spend the night at Monica’s place.

The hearing of the case continues.