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Trey Songz hands out thousands to street child in city centre

American singer Trey Songz on Sunday posted a photo with a street child, captioning that he gave the boy an equivalent of $5 and requested to take a photo.

Trey, who is the country for the Coke Studio recording, noticed the boy’s empty cup and donated the amount.

According to the singer, the boy had not begged for money, but had just looked at him and smiled.

He said he admired how the street boy smiled in adversity.

“This little dude was alone with his empty cup in busy downtown Nairobi and he just looked at me and smiled as we were walking. I gave him the equivalent of like 50 dollars. Then I asked him if I could take a picture with him. Something about how big and beautiful his spirit was, while holding an empty cup put a lot of things in perspective for me. Overwhelmed with gratitude in these moments,” Trey wrote.

He later took to Instagram to rant at how people were criticizing him for donating to the street boy.

“When you just gotta laugh cause people dumb as shit sometimes ????? listen I’m not explaining myself for any reason other than it may help someone else get a understanding on this. If you in fact are not doing anything to help a situation, ANY situation where someone needs help; you become a idiot when you speak about what someone else HAS done. People who give of themselves, keep giving! Whether it be love, light, energy, time, or money. No one can determine what or How you choose to help. God knows our hearts #LOVE.”

The singer has been sharing his experiences in Nairobi on social media, including the ride in a pimped Rongai matatu.

On Sunday he posted a couple of street photos including one showing him taking a selfie with two female fans and another outside Kimathi House along Kenyatta Avenue at the street signage intersection.