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Trisha Khalid opens up about her relationship with Keranta after rumours of affair with Flaqo

Popular TikToker and Content Creator Trisha Khalid has opened up on her relationship with fellow content creator Keranta, following rumors that she is immersed in an affair with the laters boyfriend Flaqo.

Trisha who portrayed Ruby on Maisha Magic’s telenovela ‘Kovu’, sparked the rumors after the duo began to collaborate on content creation.

With the duo consistently collaborating on witty content, fans began questioning their seamless platonic chemistry, sparking claims that there could be more than meet the eye.

And with Flaqo’s girlfriend Keranta seemingly start to miss on Flaqo’s content as was before, questions abourt a possible rift also emerged.

And despite Trisha coming out to clear the air insisting there isn’t anything more than the duo creating content, the speculations have refused to die.

“There is nothing going on between me and Flaqo he is a good friend of mine, he is a content creator like any other and we decided to come up as a team and do content and I see nothing wrong with that so people need to stop the speculations,” Trisha has emphasized again

But with Flaqo and Keranta choosing to remain mum over the matter, some quarters have now began to question Trisha’s relationship with Keranta.

Offering her clarification, Ms Khalid says she doesn’t have any kind of relationship with Flaqo’s girlfriend.

“Surprisingly I have never met Keranta but we follow each other on Instagram and I like her contents, sometimes I do like her posts however we don’t and have never talked,” Trisha clarified.

According to Trisha, for the many times she has teamed up with Flaqo to create content, Keranta has never been present.

“What and how we do it, is come up with a script, then meet on the location and once we are done shooting the content, I always go back home,” she adds.

Trisha has since relocated to Nairobi from Mombasa to focus on her career as a creative.

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