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The truth about the weekend boyfriend

By JOAN THATIAH January 15th, 2017 2 min read

We have all figured out the weekday boyfriend. You know, that man who is only available Monday through Friday.

We all know that he is committed somewhere else and he spends his weekends either bonding with his wife or taking the kids out. He can’t pull a fast one on us, we know he is taken.

Then there is the guy who is only available on weekends. This one is a little harder to miss because most of us are juggling work and school so at the end of the day, there isn’t much time, or energy left for much else on weekdays.

So a man who seems into you and is obviously single, but is too busy to see you during the week might seem like a good catch.

My friend Njeri is dating one. A charming man who is in love with her, but who only has time for her on Saturday, and not because they live in different towns – they don’t.

“I am free to do whatever I want during the week so it’s great when I finally get to see him at the weekend,” she says about the situation.

I don’t totally agree with her sentiments. While a weekend boyfriend is perfect for someone who is in it for the fun and isn’t quite keen on commitment, for a woman seeking a real relationship, it is a raw deal.

If you live in the same town with your love interest and you have been together for more than a few weeks but he only sees you on weekends or when he is on leave, you are being swindled of your valuable time and of your emotions.

It doesn’t matter how busy he is, if a man is serious about being with you, he will create time to see you any day of the week.

Even the busiest men get time to woo the women that they are really interested in. It is not enough for a man to see you, it matters when he sees you.

If a man only sees you when it is convenient for him, when the rest of his life isn’t getting in the way, he is committed to something else.

It may be his job or his hobbies but it definitely isn’t you. If he doesn’t want to go out of his way for you, he may not be all that into you.

Dating the weekend-only man is how you find yourself in a seven-year relationship that is headed nowhere.

It is how you find yourself hurt and single because the man you dated for five years broke up with you only to walk another down the aisle with another woman soon after that.

Moreover, if you see someone only on the weekends when life’s pressures have been put on pause and everything is perfect, if the relationship does lead to marriage where you will be together during the stress of everyday life, chances are you will start complaining that the man you married changed.

So don’t stay in a relationship where the man is committed to anything but you. Start asking more of your man.