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TV host tattoos Eric Omondi’s name on her thighs

By Chad Kitundu February 5th, 2021 1 min read

Former Ebru TV talk show host Dana De Grazia has added more ink on her body.

Dana shared a video clip and pictures of herself displaying her thighs with the name of comedian Eric Omondi on them.

The former Lets Talk show host however did not say why she did it only captioning it, “My Happy Place.”

The move has led to speculation she could be dating the comedian. Or could it be a publicity stunt?

Last year, Dana left her fans speechless after showing off her latest body art.

She shared a picture of herself displaying her entire back tattooed.

Her front side of the body is already covered in numerous tattoos capturing different animals and flowers.

“No pain no gain. Posted this to my stories a bit ago but I think it’s wall-worthy. Unfinished and it will stay this way until next year,” wrote Dana.

She explained that the reason she has decided to have her full body tattooed is that she has always been in love with tattoos since she was a young girl.

The former Nairobi Diaries actress resigned from Ebru TV last year saying that she had no regrets in doing so.

She narrated to getting tattoos from as young as 15 years.

She graduated with a Degree in Criminal Justice at USIU Africa and is an advocate by profession.

The 27-year-old American, captained both ladies’ rugby and vice-captained the Tae Kwon Do team while at USIU where she has a silver medal at the East African games for Tae Kwon Do.