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Twitter sex talk gets Council of Governors in trouble

The Council of Governors on Tuesday had a foot-in-the-mouth moment on Twitter after an attempt to rectify a blunder only served to worsen it.

The council’s Twitter handle had on Monday retweeted a post that had reference to sex.

The tweet was from a Jamaican tweep, Kimone Pitterson, who had invited for opinions regarding ‘talking during sex’. A Kenyan tweep by the name Tarurî Gatere replied using lewd language.

The CoG twitter handle retweeted the conversation.

The retweet on a matter outside the official functions of the council raised eyebrows.

The council posted a quick apology on Monday before a bizarre decision was made on Tuesday morning to pull it down.

A screenshot of the apology that has since been deleted.

The flip-flopping is suspected to be the handiwork of one of the account’s handlers.

Kenyans on Twitter, never to let such a chance pass, called out the Council of Governors, insinuating that the twitter handle was in the hands of a wrong person, or maybe even hacked.