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Two gunmen caught on tape robbing M-Pesa shop – VIDEO

Two gunmen were caught on a CCTV camera robbing an M-Pesa shop in Kahawa Wendani in broad daylight.

The video, that has since gone viral on social media, captures the two men walking into the shop pretending to be customers.

One stands at the door on the lookout, while the other pulls out metallic bars on the counter that separates the attendant and a customer.

He then proceeds to jump over the counter with a gun in his hand, which he is later seen wielding at the attendant of the shop.


An unsuspecting customer enters the shop but is quickly scared off by the gunman on the lookout at the  the door, who flashes his gun at him.

The Nairobi News contacted the owner of the shop who confirmed that the gunmen walked away with Sh70, 000 in cash and other merchandise of unknown value.

“The incident took place on Friday the 24th at around 6pm. My shop usually has two attendants, but one of the ladies had already left. Fortunately no one was hurt but they were able to take sh70, 000 in cash and merchandise which include phones that I sell at the shop,” Mr Peter Ngotho narrated.

He added: “I have operated the shop for five years and this is the first time that this is happening. I was of the mind that thieves were afraid of CCTV cameras… what was very coincidental was the fact that that particular day electricity connection was on and off, maybe they were timing when there would be a blackout.”

The incident has been reported at Kahawa Sukari police station.